One of those rare days where im still not asleep at 1AM when i have work tomorrow. At least, i got something cleared off the back of my head!

Overslept by 1.5hrs today! FML πŸ˜‚

Going to Ginza Calla tonight, cannot wait to try the new machine to see if its really painless like my previous trial! Gonna be in PS roaming around, appt is only at 830. Anybody in town too?!

Done with my IPL! Feeling super happy because it was indeed the right choice to switch to the new machine. Totally painless for upper lip, just feel like someone sayang your lips, though i feel the more scary part is there's an accompanying red laser light lol. Underarms i just feel some warmth but no longer stingy pulses. My therapist was telling me its almost hairless and asked if ive done many sessions but i told her no leh, only 4 times πŸ˜‚ As for bikini line, its a breeze as well!

Got psychoed to go for Brazilian but i still scared hahaha. Shall observe how it goes! I might just gain enough courage to do so. But so far, im pleased with the results ☺️


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