Feeling motivated to embark on #bbg in this new year. Kept telling myself all I need is 12 weeks of determination. If there's no apparent changes after 12-weeks at all, i can stop it by then. But at least I tried!

Chanced upon this trampoline fitness class in Superman and SG has it too! I want to try! Can replace my weekly HIIT session 😂😂

@jennifertee it's like this! basically aerobic/fitness class, theres a stand for you supporr and to lean against while you jump on the trampoline. seems very fun! just not sure how is it like whether got music or not

Suddenly got excited because it dawned upon me that Queena is very near to my Taichung hotel, only 9mins away! So I texted our Taiwan coordinator to ask if i can drop by and show her our moodboard and concepts for 2017's shoot in order for her to prep the props in advance and advise on the recommended photog and dates to go! She said no problem!



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