Cannot wait for Friday to come soon!!

And so after contemplating for so long, by that i meant at least 6months, i've finally made up my mind that my reward to myself come March would be a necklace!! From either Tiffany & Co or Chanel. One of those classic and easy-to-match designs that i could possibly wear everyday to remind myself that money is hard earned lolol. Can't wait to do some window shopping tomorrow!

This! Still thinking with or without the key, but somehow I think the key gives it a better twist.

Just in time for CNY! Ahahaha Dad sent me this photo after he eagerly opened the packaging when it arrived today.

Thinking very hard whether to go for Jay Chou concert!!

So amazed by Facebook once again. Their #friendsday video so amazeballs lor. Dont know what algorithm they use but the photos they put in there are my favourite shots, make me look so chic πŸ˜‚ And mostly photos with my favourite girlfriends!! Just pity that they miss @cherylene27 and @shiruheng in there πŸ˜‘ They even showed a brief glance of my birthday wishes and all from my family one!!

Looking at my short hair again, make me want to snip again!! Pretty sure i will, and i would dye it as well. The next time when it happens 😁 Maybe June on my birthday?

Woes of growing up. Sometimes I really hate conversations about life and ideals.


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