It's Friday lo!!! Another inch closer to CNY. Going in office for a meeting and I think thats about it! 🙌🏻

Finally got to wear my fringe jeans out, damm chio!

Love this white top from MDS so much!! But why no XS huh??

I give it to Kenko. Now i can understand why their foot reflexology is so expensive. Its damm comfy please!

Usually foot massage is when you sit on a normal chair right? But theirs is you're lying down on a sofa. Almost like this sticker!! They have curtains in between each customer so that you feel like you have your own cozy corner. With a small coffee table at the side to place your bag and tea which you can reach easily. And first thing the lady asked me was "Do you need WiFi?" Yes please!! 😁😁

The masseuse also very thorough. 10mins liao still on my feet. Each toe, each inch of my 脚板。Hahaha


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