Severe Wednesday blues lol. Why is 初三even a work day man?! 😓 Had visiting yesterday in the morning at relative's condo, followed by friend's place. And we gambled all the way lol. Texas poker is scaryyyyy. Oh, and new year this year was special too cos' we made 2 new friends from the U.S who joined us to experience CNY. Which of course includes pigging out at steamboat and ban luck!

Loving more and more of such house parties. Is age catching up? lol. Round 2 this Saturday!

Won about $20 in blackjack but lost huge chunk of it in texas poker lol. Really play until nervous that kind!

Oh did I also mention that my lost ring miraculously appeared again just before CNY? 🙆🏻

The feeling of being able to walk home for lunch and having your houseband cook for you and wash the dishes is gooood haha. Love it whenever the boy is not working lolol

I'm officially funded!

Guess this is how it feels like to be funded through Kickstarter? hahaha. Anyways, decided to give myself another month to ponder if I should and really want to get the necklace. At the same time, i'll be able to judge better after I get my bonus. To double triple confirm that its not an impulse buy. So yup, 25th March Good Friday will be D-Day!



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