Very impressed with my planning and time management skills 😂

Usually i'll always go for lunch first before running my errands. Utmost priority is always to fill my stomach first. But today it isn't the case. Because I figured that it takes time to develop photos. Why not send the photos to print first while I eat so that when im done eating, the photos will be developed. But before I could send the photos to print, I needa know what size to print, and to know what size to print I needa know whats the size that I can get for my materials.

So yup! Today's order was reversed. Food ended as the last stop in exchange for better efficiency. All settled within 30mins or so!

Addicted. To. Baby. Food.

Hahaha so during 初二house party, Eden (my friend's kid that you prolly see very often on my snapchat) was sitting beside me watching TV and eating his bowl of snack quietly. Curious what food is so yummy that made him refill 3 bowls and could make him sit down quietly and just enjoy his food. I got to try a piece and now im sold! Hahaha always love freeze-dried fruits. But this freaking tiny pack cost $2.20 😱😱😱

Enroute to Tanjong Pagar for yoga class to shed some fats gained during CNY!! Haha 心理作用actually cos i know in actual fact, im not cutting fats with yoga. But its all for body wellness to be healthier and stronger!

My class only starts at 830 though. So maybe i'll just settle at some nice cafe and chill!


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