Feeling sad and regretful now πŸ˜” Brought home my Thomas Sabo necklace last weekend, thinking that since im not going to the boy's place till mth end, i btr bring it home so that i can wear. But as i was wearing my singlet, so i kept the necklace in my shorts' pocket. And it only dawned upon me that i forgot to take it out before throwing my shorts into the washing machine!!! Tried to look for it again, but only necklace left. Pendant nowhere in sight!!

It's one of the first few presents from the boy! 😟

My mum found it back for me!!! 😁😁

θ·‘ζ­₯ε°±ζ˜―δΈΊδΊ†εƒθ±†θ…οΌπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Cannot wait to eat the tofu tonight! Last run before i stuff myself with food for the next one week. Ooooppsie

Where can i get luggage tags in town? Please share with me!

Anybody tried Annie Way's Jelly Mask before? Saw some reviews and im quite sold!


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