Day 4-5

They let you sit comfortably and try all their products before u decide whether to buy. And by trial, i mean they give you the entire piece of 太阳饼to trial. So yummy, totally sold!! Here i spent a bomb again lol. We're buying like a carton back to Sg 😂

Came back to our hotel and its amazing!! Checked out feng jia night market which was jist downstairs. And here's my loots!!

Sexylook masks again! And some nice clothes and comfy shoes 😍

Time check: 9.31AM

Reading my post last night, and its so funny!!! Lotsa typo, plus certain things doesn't quite make sense hahahahaha. e.g i was talking about gowns and next moment i said im too tired. Actually what that went through in my mind was i also took a video of the other flowy dress for beach concepts but im too tired to continue posting more. Lol 😂😂😂

I was rushing to finish the recap of my day all in one post, but seems like i still failed.

And so this was me last night, 逢甲夜市must go!! I saw a lot of shops selling clothes that I like but too bad i was with the folks. When i sent them back up to the hotel, i continued shopping on my own but dare not take too long because it was starting to drizzle and the folks didnt want me to stay out myself alone till too late. So yup i couldnt really revisit all the shops in the area but still managed to buy some decent stuff!!

Bought a cropped top for about $8? Material quite good!! And a shoe for about $15, the insides of the shoes got cushion and all somemore, very comfy!!

Most damage done however was at this small shop, which they sell really unique clothes. Material very luxe and comfy. Turns out that they import Korean clothes. So yup i burnt about $75 for 3pcs in there 🙊🙊

Enroute to #taiwan 九族文化村!

Time check: 7.56PM


It's going to be an early night! Checked into our 3rd accomodation today – Skylight B&B! It's a 民宿, looks super tiny and average from the outside but once you get into the room…. wow! The family suite is really big and not to mention the toilet. Everything is so well equipped that i think its my dream toilet haha. There's rain shower, usual standing shower and a deep sauna kind as bathtub. Complete with hairdryer and a lot of shelving units 😬

Current location is Sun Moon Lake in Nantou, to be more exact near Itaoshao pier! But sad to say, due to the weather, most of the 老街shops are closed, and it became like a pretty dark and dead town. So yup, folks and I just dabao food back to minsu and decided to have an early night to rest. Minsu is opened by a couple. 老板娘is so pretty and friendly and both daughters very cute yo. Come to think of it, its really quite nice if i can retire and do sth like that ☺️

Back to 9族文化村, its such a nice place!! But it was raining all the way! 😑😑😑 But no regrets because we saw soooooo many cherry blossom trees! Like an entire flat land and two rows of trees 🌸🌸🌸

Look at how foggy it is!

🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 everywhere!

Hahahaha sun moon lake turned out pretty much like what i was expecting – reality VS imagination. Because it was so foggy! This is one of my best shots.

Took cable car down to Sun Moon Lake!!


Good stuff!! Getting tense neck and shoulders, gonna use this to rub on and gua sha and sleep for the night!

Tomorrow's journey to Alishan! Hope I survive the ride!!

Catching up on my drama!


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