Day 6

Hahaha my attempt to catch up on drama failed terribly. Because I got so tired by 9PM odd. Decided to crash eventually.

Oh i forgot to mention another reason why I love our minsu toilet so much. I think they have a speaker inside, so it feels like surround sound where I can soak in the bathtub while listening to my TV drama or just simply music. Very zen leh…

Time check: 9.02PM

Back at our Alishan hotel! Actually we were back since 7PM but was chatting away with our driver. He came to our room to rest a little, share the 泡面that he recommended and take a shower before he go back to his car to sleep for the night. Quite poor thing for drivers because this period Alishan is always fully packed. You needa book like 6mths in advance! And for tourists, I alr feel that the accomodation here is exp and quite meh, let alone them.

BUT one thing that I like is that the bed is heated! Need that badly man, if not i don't think we can sleep tonight. It's so mad cold on Alishan! About 10degree celcius?

My iPhone has officially gone bonkers. Batt run out so fast, by 48% it gets switched off already. Zzzz.

On bed catching 美丽的秘密again. Oh yes, I survived the winding road trip up!! The road is really the winding kind that even within the car you shift left and right. But i think our driver Simon driving skills really quite good. He can even drive one hand under such condition lol

Finally see some colours in the sky horizon! Was so excited when we see the orange rays, and even more excited when i saw a small yolk appearing bit by bit! But pity that it was short lived, as it was quickly concealed by the clouds!

姐妹谭!When in scenic areas, best thing to do is to take panaroma photos!

Gonna sleep early again because we gotta be up at 3.15AM later to catch the sunrise! Actually sunrise is only at 6, but we needa take the train to the peak and secure a good spot for the view. Gonna be a looong wait but I hope the view would be well worth it.

Forgot to mention this, this chocolate mochi from #taiwan alishan is da bomb! Esp in such cold weather, its icy and bitter on the outside, chewy and sweet on the inside.


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