Day 7

Time check: 4.30AM

We're currently 2nd in line for the queue to 祝山 to watch the sunrise later! Gonna take 1.5hrs of wait at least!

Meanwhile, here's the morning stone face!! Fully geared up for the coldness at the peak – 2 layers of pants and long sleeve plus an outerwear, scarf, gloves, hoodie and body/hand warmer LOL. It's 9 degrees here, wonder what would be the temp later!

Time check: 7.58AM

Back from 祝山观日台 and brekkie! At the hotel packing our bags and just chilling till we head to the station to buy tickets for the train to 神木!

It has been raining almost everyday when we're here but thank goodness weather is always good whenever we're in mountains. Yesterday and today at Alishan too! The staff said it has been 2 weeks since the sun appeared and this morning was just very thankful to catch a glimpse of the partial yolk!

This was taken at about 5.45am when the sky was still dark.

This panorama was taken at about 6am when the sky has brightened slightly.

Spot the yolk! Too bad phone camera couldnt capture the beautiful view before me!

You can probably tell how happy I was from the video hahah

Not forgetting a wefie with the folks!

Time check: 3.35PM

Otw back to Taichung. Last night today! Driving on the highway at 140km/h, so fast that the wind speed is so loud that i woke up. And cut lane cut like siao. But i guess its the norm, like my driver says they 乱中有序, very safe one. Pity him also for driving 3hrs, damm tiring one leh.. So i kept offering him candy, coffee to keep him awake lol

Time check: 8.08Pm

Now this is me happily sipping my 黑糖鲜奶粉圆 bought from fengjia night market downstairs! My newfound favourite in Taiwan. But I've also known that there could be hit or miss. Like few days back i bought one just right below my hotel and its so awful that i only took few sips. Tried another stall today and its bull's eye!! Mini pearls somemore 🙆🏻

Words can't describe how glad am I to be back in Beacon hotel! The folls and I love this soooo much because of the room and the location. Next year when i'm back for the Pre-Wed shoot, i'll definitely stay here again!! Just not sure if the double bed room is as shiok 😂 Anyway yup i'm chilling on the sofa watching 美丽的秘密again! There's two TVs in the room, one at the sofa, another facing the beds. Since im waiting dor my turn to shower, time to post some photos!

This is us with our driver, Simon! He took over his mum's tour business of over 20 years just last year and he has a lot of clients now already, fully booked till may when he go for month long vacation with his gf to japan and new zealand! most interesting thing to note is, his gf is a Singaporean! Known though booking his car too 😂 LDR not easy, last year alone he visited 6 times. Said next time he visit would show his gf to us haha. Quite sure we gonna meet again 😀

小火车!Hate the screeching sound when it moves though. Look at the crowd…. 😱

Went for another walk around Feng Jia and bought all our favourite food. My fave this trip would be the lala. There's many stalls BUT 海边小屋is the best! Tried and tested. Only abt $3 for about 20pcs of lala. We bought 4 boxes tonight and we 干掉everything in the blink of an eye lol. Folks love the oyster mee sua here as well. And we love 恶魔鸡扒recommended by Simon. What is Shilin 鸡扒when you have this man. BUT must eat it hot.

My next favourite would be the prawns!! Bought 懒惰虾last time but its those small bbq prawns where you can eat the shells too but i didnt like it! This time i bought those cooked in the sauce that i like – black pepper. Super yummy! Kinda regretted that i only tried it today.

Now, lo and behold. Our biggest buy this trip…..

It's a huge carton box that weight 22kg!! Think over 20 boxes of 太阳饼and other pastries. This one really no joke please, dont know how we handle lol


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