Bomb dropped in my room lol. Finally packed all the loots into gift bags! Realise this is one of the trip that i bought the least for myself πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
But oh well its ok!

Good Morning World! Enjoying every bit of my weekend and still trying to get accustomed to the weather back here. Cannot wait for dinner with @irenelittlesecrets tonight!

Decisions, decisions.

Now i'm thinking whether I should spend on my Tiffany and Co necklace or should I make a new pair of specs. Hahaha of cos i know they both fall in different leagues – wants Vs needs. But oh well….

Regretted not buying more of these mochi back from Alishan! Best i've eaten across Taiwan 😍

Finally dragged my feet out of the house after finishing Jerry Yan's drama lol. Think i'll still take few days to get used to being back. Missing the boy too~ Been really long since we even last had a proper conversation. Even exchanging few greetings in real-time is a luxury to think about. Just hope all is well there!

Dinner was good! Ate at our usual Xian De Lai and we sat there for hours till the people next to us kept changing lol.

And now we're at Green Apple Spa having foot massage + body massage! My second time here and still loving it. They're full house tonight, super good business cos we see never ending flow of people. Lucky us only had to wait 45mins for our turn, the rest after us their appt is all the way after 12am!

And…. it's Irene εˆδ½“ιͺŒat foot reflexology lol


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