Feeling all relaxed now after the massage. It was soooo good. Hahaha irene damm cute, always go for those aroma massage kind and never tried such reflexology/accupressure massage. But glad she enjoyed it!

And my lower back was aching so much since yesterday, finally i can straighten my back now!!

Gonna have a really good sleep tonight ☺️

Decided that i'm determined not to extend our pre-wedding shoot for another day simply cos' of the additional cost that it will incur. Now question is, most likely i might not be able to fulfil a lot of my requests within a day, that means i'll need to decide which to forgo.

No wonder bunbun mentioned that she took a year to plan for the shoot. Lol

Watching 非常完美now because this season's male guests all very 😍😍

Procrastinating what I should be doing today. 😑

Spending the day watching 非常完美 before dinner with the fam and bro!

Strongly urge all to catch 非常完美!Haha very entertaining one leh… Especially when you watch long enough, you get to know the fixed cast. Sometimes I wonder if its all real though, but seems very legit! Some is on the show for like 2 years and still finding the one. Some eventually had their ex-gf coming on the show to 挽回, while some had friends coming on the show to step up their friendship to relationship. Anw this is one of my fave! Doing an interaction segment – singing.

More of the fixed cast!! One of them look like 胡宇威。

This guy look 坏坏的。But quite charismatic after watching him for a few episodes! And can you imagine he is 25yrs old??? hahaha got look chao lao 🙊


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