It's such a nice feeling when you start realizing that there's new stuff that pique your interest. Am hoping to sign myself up for a rustic floral arrangement class! But not cheap leh 😐

Early release today at 4.30PM!! Cannot wait to comb town when it's still crowded yet lol

累死了!I've been searching high and low for my night collagen diamond drink, went to at least 6 outlets and all OOS. 终于被我找到in Taka Watsons, somemore 2 for $99!! Saved $40 and can last me for 2 months leh, auntie mode on. So I faster bought it since its the last two box. But its freaking heavy that i almost died carrying two boxes in town, cannot even shop properly. 😑😑

Spent so much in town somemore, 回家咯!

Came across a very attentive male retail assistant at Charles & Keith earlier. He was very proactive, keep coming forward to offer to help me. And when he take out shoes for me to try, he not only take out the plastic, he even unbuckle for me so that i can just slip on and buckle, 1 step lesser! 贴心~ I don't see that in many shoe shops these days..


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