Waiting at the airport now. The feeling of coming to CAG is always very amazing. Its a place where you can experience a basket of emotions – excitement, nervous, sadness etc.

But i kinda like this place at night. It feels therapeutic in some sense. I prolly wouldnt mind coming here to chill and people watch if i stay in the east.

Anyway it feels as though i'm the one flying off. Because i have so much barang barang that i need to place them on a trolley 😝


And so the mister hurt his back while overseas. Its so bad now that his body is crooked when he walks. Cancelled my IPL so that i can chaperon him to his appt before we head to TCM & GP.

Soooo thankful that i've an insurance agent whose also a friend. Just a call and i get all my answers. And the most comforting liner is always to hear "Dont worry just get all your bills and i'll settle them for you" ☺️

So this is the mister right now except that he's lying on his stomach lol. 衣来伸手,饭来张口。Lol!

Finally back from TCM. Rushed to Ghim Moh but i think it was all worthwhile. At least Dr Chua is really experienced and i just feel safe with him handling David. Took about 45mins for him to work his magic. When we went, the boy couldnt even bend down, turn his body or stretch. So it started with Dr Chua asking him to sit down, pressing his body and helping him to stretch.

It was a lot of "ahhhh" "wooo" "wah" in between the session as it was really painful. After the sitting session was over, he said to the boy "还有的你叫。" And asked him to lie on the bed and started twisting turning screaming etc. Followed by cupping and various exercises. Cost about $75? I think very reasonable? Apparently Dr Chua treated Dolly (used to go to her for haircuts) and Dolly recco my insurance agent Karen to go to him.

But because Dr Chua is only in Ghim Moh Tues Thurs Sat and by appointment only so Karen could only see his daughter the other time but was good as well! They have two outlets – one in Ghim Moh and another in Thomson! #tcm

Waiting for dinner and dozing off. Such a long and tiring day!

Going to go to bed early, feeling so tired! Come to think of it, must be so sian for the boy. He cannot do much except lying down now. And he told me he pain until wanna sleep and not do anything but yet sleep also cannot find the right comfy position to sleep.

Hope im recharged for work tomorrow!


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