Soooo pretty la!

And this!

Racing home in a cab for dinner with the fam now! Sick and tired of taking cab! Lost track of the number of cab rides I had in the past few days, and more to come tomorrow πŸ˜‘

By right, the boy is supposed to join me but it doesnt make sense since we have our 2nd gleneages appt tmrw and i took PM leave to go with him, so its nearer to go from his place.

His dad cooked crab today and asked me to dabao home since i cant stay for dinner πŸ˜‹


And so we cabbed down to Gleneagles yesterday for our appt at 12.15PM. And was told the Doc is running late so there's 6ppl in front of us and asked if we can switch to the other Doc instead. Hell no~ Waited for 1.5hrs in the end the consultation was crappy IMO, probably only took like 5mins and cost $120! πŸ˜’ Starting to regret going to private, if its not cos going govt will take months of waiting. Got MRI done which cost another $1K πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ

Going back tomorrow to see the doc and hear the results. Really glad that our insurance agent is also a friend whom i can call and talk to anytime and ask silly questions. And who even had the intention to come down to hospital to meet us to get first round of claims done!

Now the trick is, the boy's AIG policy allows him to claim max $4K medical reinbursement. Bills have amounted to about $1.3K.

Depending on the verdict tomorrow, IF its something serious, and assuming that he had to be warded as an inpatient and undergo surgery etc, thats when most likely he can claim 90% from his NTUC Enhanced Income Shield and pay max of 10% as co-payment capped at $3K.

If if's not and something like muscle strain/inflammation that hopefully can recover over time, maybe all he need is a jab/medication/more consultation which he has only abt another $2.7K to claim from.

Anyway, the only reason why i'm writing about this is here is that i hope to share our experience with our friends. Because you never know when will accidents happen. So please make sure you have taken all these into consideration and get yourself covered on all grounds i.e if this happen, i can claim this, if it goes on to this, i can claim that etc.

Protect your family by protecting yourself so that the financial burden doesn't land on them.


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