Many would have probably seen the article on FB about how they have this algorithm to filter off dubious messages for you. Out of curiosity like many others, I went to take a look at my filtered messages. Most were quite predictable.

This made me laugh though.

Walao you kidding me? I only worth $1,800/mth?!?! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Finally managed to arrange a session with the whole family to look at the folks' insurance. Just hope we can arrive at some conclusion!

Chilling at Westgate Starbucks right now, waiting for the man to knock off. So my read is this booked called "Rules of Wealth" by Templar gifted by my mgr. Next time when im at manegerial level and have my own team, i'll gift them meaningful reads like this too ☺️

Love me-time like this, just sitting down and chilling, slowing my pace and just reading up on things that matter and interest πŸ™†πŸ»

Super intro dried flowers lately. And all these dried flowers jewellery are super enticing!! Not cheap, so maybe I should make my own!

Maybe i should make my own and sell on Carousell? Let me test my skills first! 😁

Omg, getting so excited looking at all the materials I found!! Feels like going back to my tweens' days of jewellery DIY – i still have a lot of charms, beads and materials at home lol. And it feels like i'm going to start something similar again cept' that its gonna be dried flowers, lockets this time lol.

Just hope that i still have time to do this before my new job starts.

Recommended the book to the boy cos' so far its been an enjoyable read! Everything is so trueee, it challenges you to question yourself what's your perception of being 'wealthy', why do you want to be rich etc.

Anyway he asked to borrow my specs and immediately i can't resist but to take a photo of him. Art directed this lol! Love his spontaneity~

HAHA funny hor! Like got θ€θŠ± like that!


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