It's D-WEEK!!

Come to think of it, it's scary how fast time flies. Soon, i'll be stepping into my next career. My 3rd full-time job since my graduation. And when i look back, I realise how much I've gained comparing 2014 vs now even though it may seem like peanuts on the surface.

The past month has been hell of a hectic. But so glad, everything is falling into pieces, slowly but surely 😊

New OCBC 360 account

I've never had a savings account ever since i closed my POSB account. You know how everybody of our age would have a posb account because thats what parents will open for us? But as soon as I grow up and have the ability to make my own decisions, i dislike it sooo much. Because the queue is always freaking long. Got my first FRANK debit when it first launched and i was sold. Even till date, I must say i love OCBC so much. There're ATMs everywhere and queue is always 0-2ppl max!!

Most of us keep our posb savings for various reasons because 1) it's already opened 2) easier to do funds transfer But i learn to question the purpose of keeping it. Why do i keep my savings in an account which gives pathetic interest. Most banks can do same day interbank transfer now. So yup! I closed my POSB and opened another OCBC savings account! Gonna learn to be more financial savvy now as well in keeping track of my rebates, rewards, interest.

Parents' insurance coverage

It should be more or less settled by this week. And i'm just so glad that i took the initiative to push this through even though it brought me some pain and sleepless nights.

New yet not new hobby

People who know me should know that i'm always a very hands-on and sentimental person. If i could, i would always prefer to write a card, make a present, personalise a gift. 我年少疯狂时, i had a phase whereby i was totally into crafting jewellery though my knowledge is not quite there yet. Even though im not sure how and why through my journey of growing up, I almost forgot this memory. But im just glad that i was able to find back this part of me and have my passion re-ignited.

You know how in life, there're one million and one things you may like but you just got to learn to prioritize and sacrifice? Was out last weekend with the boy and his schoolmates. We were doing the simplest activity – window shopping. His friend lovessss Iron Man – that glow in his eyes. And he was like "if im staying in bungalow, i'll buy this. if i'm richer, i'll buy this." We were looking at all those nice figures in glass display that easily cost hundreds/thousands.

And we found a small little figurine that cost rather cheap and negligible, <$20? Which he could have easily bought. But nope he didn't waver a single bit. Why? Because we know every cent counts, it could jolly well be his newborn baby 奶粉钱and cos his priority for family has far overtaken everything.

In short, i'm just glad that this hobby of mine is still within my reach now 😊 Cannot wait for the materials to reach me! I forsee, in a week's time?

On a less serious note, i'm gonna get this!!! For people who watch DOTS, will find this familiar hahaha. Actually i love the ones in the army outfit most, thats when i knew i must get it!! So maybe i'll get the army outfit too, though its not a 100% replica. But quite cute leh, can bring to Taiwan for photoshoot next year 🙊

Pre-wedding photoshoot

Feeling so thrilled now!! Ever since i've been back from Taiwan, i never had a chance to really reorganise my thoughts and moodboard especially after realising that i can't really fulfil all that i want in one day. Days have been so hectic. And the other day i received a whatsapp from a Taiwan number. Apparently my TW coordinator is changed to this lady. I was pretty bummed because i just met mine in taiwan leh! She's so nice, knows my style and now change again?

So anyway i was so busy, so I didnt really reply much. I think my original coordinator is pretty lao jiao so maybe she handed more clients to her subordinates cos she's still around in Queena. But anyway I just randomly messaged the new coordinator and asked ONE question. And we ended up whatsapping for 2hours non-stop. Super nice and helpful!!! All i did was ask her if i can plan my route from a to b to c and she auto sent me like a series of photos for each venus.

And seeing how helpful and patient she is, i ended up spamming her with questions lol. And you know how usually they will say they not sure, check for you? She really immediately check and told me like almost right away. When i asked what kind of night scenes are there, she really just went to dig her archive and whatsapp me. Told her i like the particular gown that i saw and she straight away ask me to tell her b4 i go so that she'll reserve it for me.

Showed her some photos i saw online and asked if its in taichung, she went to check right away and told me its not but started sending me photos of other similar places 😍😍 with her, i dare ask the most nitty gritty stuff like the wedding theme park that we go to, is the particular big tree that i like found there? Cos u know sometimes what you google and the image that appear might not necessarily be there?

She told me that she would check with the photog. So i said ok, when you have time help me look out and wanted to end the convo say good night. And she replied "i already checked. the tree is still there" and sent me a photo right away to confirm.

And i was like wow hope they dont take this tree away before i shoot mine. So she went to pass me their FB link and ask me to follow them for latest news ☺️☺️ Throughout the whole convo i think i felt that i was asking too much questions and wanted to let her have a gd rest. Yet time after time she'll say dont worry she love to chat, send me more photos to consider etc. This is what i call really going the extra mile 😍 感动!


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