2nd last day

Tomorrow's my official last day at work. But to most, today is like the official day because eveybody else would be on course tomorrow. Last farewell lunch today @ Mariott hotel for buffet! And it's with the closest bunch. Time really flies, i never knew we got that close honestly. Until i realise when i leave, i'll miss them most. Can never thank them enough for showing me so much love even though i'm like the most junior of them all 😊

And almost every single day, my colleague would come to my desk and say hello that she hasn't spoke to me today. Or call me over to their cosy corner to talk, so heartwarming πŸ™‚

Feeling so much love today

Farewell lunch ended up at Sun with Moon and an unexpected gift. Even more unexpected at its content.

A Skagen watch!! Telepathy or what? Actually ive been looking at Skagen watches for their mesh series and was also contemplating Olivia Burton or DW. Now i get a Skagen and am contemplating whether to get it changed to a mesh one since i already have my Fossil leather.

Last meeting with a vendor that i've been working very closely with since 2015. Got me a present too after learning that i'm leaving

Got a call from mailroom, asking me to collect my flowers..

And this was what i picked up. Another pleasant surprise! From another vendor that i've been working very closely with ☺️



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