Last night while on my way home, plugged on my earphones and pressed shuffle play on my spotify. Guess what's the first song that played? šŸ˜…šŸ˜… And i overshot my stop! Was supposed to alight at Newton but was busy settling work over the phone. By the time i realised im alr at Stevens. So instinctively first thing i did is to alight and cross over to next side to take a stop back. End up Stevens got no opposite side!!

The staff told me to take the train further to Botanic Gardens and cross to opp to take 2 stops back to Newton šŸ˜‚

Foresee another late night. But before that just want to do a shout out, super psyched for Entertainer this week. Getting very hooked onto this kdrama, like watch until can tear kind! And, very very excited to catch get it beauty thu night on Viu! Been hearing people rave about this show cos they do a blind test for makeup/beauty products and talk all about the latest beauty trends and tips, i caught snippets of it previously but cos it was in chi subbed so i gave up.

But this time round got eng sub so ok! Just hope i dont end up hoping to buy everything they show on the program lol.


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