Finally i have something to look forward to this week! Cannot wait for the rooftop bar date with the boy this weekend. And most importantly, our anni celebration next weekend! 3 years flew past like that, scary huh? As usual, i like to spend special occasions in a meaningful way to better understand each other. Planning a couple activity this time! Hope its as fun as what i imagine. And i wonder where the boy gonna bring me for dinner heh

Sometimes i think very amazing that you get what you wish for. I remember years ago when i was just a fresh grad, i have always wanted to work in CBD areas. But choices led me to two jobs which are both in Ubi and as though its fate, got to know the boy whom stays in Ubi all his life. Now i finally landed myself in CBD and its still a strange feeling. Other than exp food, im loving every bit of it! Love how i can run errands. Convenient to meet friends. Nice view of the skyline 😊


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