Oops, back to updating on the perfumery workshop! Went to catch Xmen just now, like finally 😊

So this was the questionaire that we were given. And i think i really know the boy very well. And at the end of it they will ask you to tabulate the no. of a, b, c etc that stands for a different category of scent and personality. E.g florals for feminine and romantic. Woody, citrus, fresh and oriental. The results for the boy was quite balanced! Floral is the least characteristic of him only 10 % whereas mine came up quite high when he did the quiz for me lol

Afterwhich you opened up this box which has like 200 bottles of different scents organised into different categories – floral, fresh etc. And you're supposed to pick up number of bottles from each category based on the quiz results. So if he is more woody, i will pick more scents from woody! And u pick the scents that you think you want.

The boy and me is clearly different. He relied a lot on his visuals, basically he read the labels and only picked those labels he like to smell and then shortlist. Whereas i believe there are smells which could be nice but i might not have heard of or think of. So i made it a point to smell ALL 200 bottles and picked out 20 bottles. Next we had to drop them into a tester tube. Based on quiz results, theres a guideline on total number of drops from each category.

So if 15 drops from woody and i picked up 5 bottles, i can choose to divide equally and put 3 drops of each bottle or i can put them in different ratio based on what i would like to be stronger! We did 3 tests in total. Test 2 n test 3 is more like trial n error and going by feel instead of following the quiz results already. For me, my very 1st tube was a hit. Cos even the instructor and the boy all exclaimed that the smell was spot on. Totally a masculine musky smell with a tinge of freshness.

Whereas the boy's 1st tube was a miss because it ended up as a guy scent. Hahahaha poor him. He ended up subconciously picking up scents that he would like. So he tried to salvage over the next two tests. So after doing 3 tests, we get to choose the one we like to do a 4th big 75ml bottle while the other three 15ml test tubes we get to keep too!

These are our big bottles! Very good quality 😍 all in all had a very wonderful experience, all three tests that i did was a hit hehe. Surprised myself too. Next time i wanna come back to try ceramic pottery class!

Joke of the day: Boy was showing me his latest mobile game addiction and giving me a tutorial on it until his whatsapp msg came in that says "0.5 2880 xx xx"

The boy has been talking in private with his best friend and i know they always htht and give each other ideas on proposals and what not. Yesterday his friend msg him while we were having the workshop and he was laughing away but said he cannot tell me anything.

And yet today his friend messaged him and i know there were 4 numbers on it. I was only in time to read the first two before the boy took his phone away from me. πŸ˜‚ ring carat size & price!

The boy wanted to get new pair of shoes and he was trying to disturb me saying that it will eat into my ring fund. So i disturbed him back and say "no la with budget of 3k, you buy my ring 2880, still can buy ur shoes within $120" and he went like 😨😨😨😨

I've finally sucuumbed to the #colourpop fever lol πŸ˜‚ just carted out a whole bunch of colours from the website! Only got one lip but bought so many colours lol. Gonna trying ezbuy for the first time too. I hope they dont take too long to ship out my stuff! And yay to free gift! Hehehe


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