Guess who's the sleepyhead that overslept this morning? 🙋

Thank goodness mum was at home and woke me up. Still can make it in time to work haha. 2 more days to the weekends!

Hooked on to Ji Sung's dramas lately. He is not an idol but i think he is a really good actor! No wonder can win so many awards and also the Daesang award!! Entertainer got me liking him and i just binge watch his old drama Secret Love. So intense! 👍

Not really in PMS mode, but not sure if its because of the period or the work, but suddenly my neck and shoulder is SO TENSED UP!!

Need a massage so badly now. Asked my colleague just now. Cos i recall during period cant do massage right? (Double blow) And immediately she stood up, walked over and helped me to massage my shoulders. Boss walked past, saw it and decided to join in for a massage LOL

Nursing a bad migraine. Gonna zzz now!


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