Oops, back to talk about yesterday's facial appt @ Jean Yip! The skin analysis was comforting (to me) because i know my skin is definitely not my age. Considering how bad my acne was during my teens. Glad to learn that my skin age is only about 2-3yrs older (i srsly thought it would be worse) and the therapist said its quite normal too. And my acne ranked really really low!! She said my skin is very diff now compared to last time.

Last time hormones was really 旺盛 and now its more or less balanced. Just that due to ageing, i'll need more moisture for my skin and unclog the pores regularly so that my body will not keep secreting oil from within thinking that my exterior skin is dry. Have about 5 more sessions of facial left, lets see if it really helps! Its damm exp la, but really feel like all the essence are poured onto my face. Just hope my face 争气一点 and soak them all up 😂

Will definitely go for this during pre-wedding shoot to taiwan and the BIG day haha

After facial, i rushed home to grab my barang barang to cab to the boy's place to drop my stuff before grabcar to joyce's housewarming.

The catering super good!! Love the salted egg york prawn and the choc fondue 😋

Damm sian thou, such nice photo but my big red zit after facial is there 😂😂

Chilling at the salon. Lol had 2 coats of hair dye!

💇 my hair! New coat of colour!

Candid photo! Hahaha not advertising for Gelare hor

Opted for a natural brown colour heh


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