Ladies & gentlemen, I've sinned.

Bought new makeup again!! After reading up on many many reviews, i finally had time to go Watsons and get my brown eyeliner! Tried a few and decided on Clio and Dollywink's pencil liner! Saw some reviews about how long lasting Dollywink is, so try lor πŸ˜† Shun bian got Biore's Perfect face milk sunscreen. Currently using the watery essence version but i find it a bit sticky leh. Saw a lot of #priceofskincare tags the white one is better!

And then i walked into Laneige too. To get their lip sleeping mask! It won some 2016 her world beauty awards so BUY!! Wanted to go Sephora too, but I controlles πŸ˜‚ *pats on shoulder

This is the downside of working in Suntec City hahaha

Only because i had a spontaneous dinner date with the boy. For the longest time, i refrain from making plans after work. Because i just dont want to waste people's time to make them wait for me. But the boy requested for dinner and said he felt like we havent meet for the longest time. Secretly happy when he said this. Then he said we havent been talking much on weekdays. Which is true. One day probably 10lines. That is why weekends are soooooo important to us.

Tomorrow!! Am invited to The Painters: Hero! Its a korean art performance at RWS. Excited! And whutttt i didnt realise Cooking Nanta is here. Ive been wanting to watch leh…

Nanta is over zzzzz. Missed it again!

ζˆ‘ε₯½ζƒ³ε›žιŸ©ε›½!! Was just telling my colleague today not sure if i have the chance to step out of SG for holiday this year. Next year whats lined up is Taiwan for sure. Not sure if there is time and budget to squeeze in Korea. 😒 Actually hoping to go Korea this year but dont like to go during winter! Hope all things go well and i can travel in Sept?


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