Price of Makeup

Finally got down to writing my own #priceofmakeup post! #dayrebeauty

1. Sunscreen

I'm never the type that goes for whitening products cos im not a fan of being fair. Instead i love being tanned. BUT i think ever since i attended some beauty workshop few years back, the beautician couldnt stress enough about the importance of applying sunblock in your daily regime. How insufficient sunblock will lead to skin disease, spots and a lot of other issues when old age strikes. Another takeaway was also that our skin can only absorb certain amt of SPF. And 50 is the max!

You know how typical Singaporeans are like. Good uh? Means the more the better! But nope, any product that claims more than 50 spf is useless. Thats what i still rem till date. Anyway, i've tried the pink, blue and white versions of Biore's. So far, white works best! Very light and doesnt leave any sticky texture.

Price: ~$14

2. Face Primer

This was a gift! I take forever to finish my primers. Was using Urban Decay for the longest time and still cannot finish. So i switched to this because i heard people raving about it. I like how light it feels and seems to disappear on my face when i apply it. Feels like it really minimises the pores! Downside is i think it has silicon content? Thats why it can reduce the appearance of large pores. So whenever i use this, i just remind myself to double cleanse and cleanse well!

3. Liquid Foundation

I was onto my 2nd bottle of Make Up Forever HD Liquid foundation. But felt that i wanted to try some other brands. So during the recent Sephora 20% sale, i originally wanted to get NARS but after trying it on my skin, i didnt like the texture and felt that it didnt blend into my skin as well. Randomly tried Stilla's cos its packaging says "GLOW". Tried it and love it!!

But its also after using Stilla for awhile and going back to Make Up Forever, i realise the latter has got much better coverage too. So on days when I feel like i just wanna go light, i'll just use Stilla. If i want more coverage, i'll use Make Up Forever as a base first. And then pile another layer with Stilla for that glow. 😆

Price: ~$72

See! The bottle says "Aqua Gold Foundation" I was sold by that descriptor lol. What i like about this is the glow it gives plus it feels so light! And i love this smell that it has, like Cinammon lor.

Price: ~$54

4. Concealers

Both my concealers are from Maybelline! Actually i was really determined to try "Amazing Concealer" after @sitianwong's recommendation but just when i wanted to get it, apparently its EOL by Sephora lol. I have been using the one on the left for the longest time to hide blemishes. I dont pile a thick layer so usually it only lasts for 4-5hrs before the redness start to show. I got the one on the right recently cos it was raved about by many! I used that for my undereye.

I never had dark eye circles issue. But lately its getting out of hand like suddenly!! 😢 must be all that stress sigh. So i use this to whiten and brighten the dark eye circles area. Pretty good cos it blends quite well!

Price (L-R): ~ $16 & $18

5. Loose Powder

Was using Make Up Forever's HD loose powder but i dropped it previously and it cracked. And made a mess out of my makeup pouch. So when @joycetoh and @irenelittlesecrets recommended this and said its CHEAP (this is the keyword), i knew i had to get it lol. So far so good! Feels light and vanished into my skin heh

Price: $10

6. Blusher

This was a gift as well! And it doesnt seem to finish. Dont even know if this brand still exist. But i love mousse blushers, heh. I'll apply it with the FaceShop brush and blend it with another round blusher brush later on!

UPDATE: Just realise this is retailing at Sephora Singapore, brand is Julie Hewett. Paraben free!

7. Eye Primer & Brows

Only after im done with my face, i'll then move on to my eyes. So first up, Urban Decay eye primer. Gift as well!

And i'll move on to my brows. Brows is a really sophisticated thing. Im still perfecting it in my own ways. But these days i'll use a spoole from Etuce House to neaten the brows. Then i'll apply bit of Browcara from Etude House on my brows before using the spoole to blend it. Then i'll use my Naked Eye Palatte brown eyeshadow to fill in the empty gaps within my brows!

On some days i might use my Bobbi brown brow pencil to define the strokes abit more. Depending on how lazy i get lol

Price (L-R):
a) ~$36
b) ~$40
c) $12.90
d) ~$20

9. Eyeliners

The spoole is the one on the extreme left! Not sure if thats how i spell it though. Anyway i have swopped to using brown pencil eyeliner now! Cos even if it smudges, it is sort of concealed by my skin tone and eyelid creases so cant really tell heh. On days that i feel more hardworking i'll put on eyeshadow from my Naked 2 palette too! Brown eyeliners im using interchageably between Clip and Dollywink. Cant decide which is better yet heh

Price (L-R): ~$4.90, $16.90, $18.90

The Naked palette that i was talking about. Ever since watching #GetItBeauty i realise other than eyeshadow, these colours can be used on so many areas lol. So i tend to use on my brows more. This was a gift too! 根本用不完

10. Lipsticks

Last step!! Ok maybe not last because usually i will spray my Avena mist to set the makeup and to hydrate the face. But im too lazy to take more photos lol. I have so many lipsticks that its scary, i will take a photo when my #colourpop arrives. I think it has gone out of hand lol. Anw before colourpop arrives ive been using this daily! I'll apply the lipstick on the right and pat another layer of gloss from Chanel on top. Chanel gloss is a gift from @sitianwong! Heh

Price: $15

11. Brushes

These are some of the brushes that i use daily! I still have a bunch of unused brushes from 3CE as a gift but im keeping them for now. I'll use the one in the middle with my Liquid Foundation. Got this from Sasa its so good i swear. Really helps in applying makeup smoothly compared to using fingers that might be a lil patchy. Then i will use the one on extreme left to dot and blend my concealers. Its like beauty blender but in a stick form. From Sasa as well! Super cheap lo.

Extreme right 3CE brush is for the loose powder! Hehe

Price (L-R): $6.90, $21.90

All prices are indicative only. And those that were gifted i didnt include them in the total summation. 😄

Total price = $360!! 😱😱😱


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