This weekend has been really kind to me! Very fulfilling weekend heh


And so #Beerfest happened. Totally spontaneous! Was contemplating our options to go for a night escoot ride and prawning. Bumped into a friend at Citylink Mall and ended up landing ourselves at Beerfest hahaha. The boy has been wanting to go actually but i wasnt convinced to spend $130 for VIP tix. Standard ticket i can still accept haha. With the standard tix you can stay in there till 2am!

Love this photo amongst all that we took! My first Beerfest experience was awesome! Wondering why didnt we go usually. Everybody was soooo HAPPY in there. And indeed happiness is contagious. So basically you pay $40 for a standard ticket for entry which comes with a free welcome beer. In there you can buy chips to get more beer! They had different tentages like Rock Marquee, Blues, Electronic. And everybody was like dancing and waving their hands in the air lol

Yet it was a comfortable space thats not like Zoukout or club where you cannot walk. Love the Rock Marquee best. There's also like Photo booths around, games booth. So we played Beer Pong, Darts and Pool (but soccer style).

And while the boy was taking a photo for me, suddenly a lady ran over and grabbed my arms and took this photo. Afterwhich she ran off. Hahahaha happy vibes. And i only got to see who i took a photo with from the camera lolol. Quite chio one hor!

Ended the night with Macs!! Hahaha

Brunch with the evergreen mummies

On the way to Dhoby to meet the secondary school girls. Finally!! And this time round, 2 of them are bringing their babies hehe.

Using #colourpop Echo Park! #nofilter


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