Updates within a train journey!

Dropping by this space for some updates! Realise i haven't been doing any proper update! More often than not, there's a lot of thoughts in my head that i wanna share, but sadly writing has become a "luxury" due to its opportunity cost.

Now i have a train journey worth of time (approx 45mins) and im gonna reserve this solely for writing! Though i must say i set out this post with nothing in mind to say LOL. But im gonna try and talk about whatever that comes to my mind.

Aerial Yoga

I've always wanted to try aerial yoga for the longest time but never got down to doing it. And i attribute the reason to lack of companion and lack of courage. I always feel that i should be better with my hatha yoga before i advance and that i'll need a much stronger core (yes my core damm useless i find 😂). Until one day cherylene unexpectedly asked if i wanna try it with her. And i hesitated for awhile solely because im nt sure if i can commit to it.

Earlier this year i just signed with Yoga Movement for 33 classes. Fast forward to 7 months later, i only managed to utilise 3 class! Honestly i dont think i can finish it 🤔🤔 But anyways! I grabbed at the opportunity and went for a trial class eventually and thereafter the rest is history. Because i obviously got hooked. Myths that i would like to debunk (my own tots la). I dont think you need a super solid core or yoga background. Ive seen how people do inversions easily on the 1st class!

And in case you're wondering, we did do our inversions during our first class. But we all felt really uncomfortable, uneasy, insecure, full of doubt and uncertainty. Glad to say that its no longer the case now as we start to trust the hammock and ourselves more.

Moral of the story, dont let preassumptions deter you from trying something. As long as you try and believe, you'll get there. I love going for aerial yoga not just because it feels so liberating but i think it challenges my mental strength each time when im asked to try something new. And it helps me to understand my own limits better. Not to mention how good the sense of satisfaction of mastering a pose feels 😆

Trip to #Korea

Counting down to the trip to Korea and its just a month away!! This was one of the best decisions made ever this year (lol) and i really cant believe how i could survive now if there's no such said trip in mid Oct for me to look forward to. And im even more glad that i did most of the planning back in Aug cos i have totally no time for it now. For the first time i have the most chill itinerary ever! Even then i feel that i dont have enough time lol. First world problem lor 😑😑

This is how my itinerary is looking like this time round 🙊🙊 In the past i would always fill in with specific activities or like lunch and dinner at xxxx through friends' recco or what everybody's BFF Google would say. Even if it means a lot of time lost on navigating or specially making a trip there even though it may not ne on the way. I'll make sure i "bend" my itinerary for it to happen lol. I guess its what millenials call it #FOMO

This time round im keeping it very open for us to just bum around and explore places. Some highlights that im really psyched about would be heading to Busan for the first time (i think i really need the laid back countryside holiday now), cycling and Picnic along Hangang (its something i opted for at the expense of what Namsan Tower, Busan Tower etc, just thought it would be a nice and different experience), Bibap musical, Dragonhill, Insadong, Bukchon etc.

Oh ya thanks to my #korea research, i chanced upon 3 youtube channels!
📹 2hearts1seoul
📹 joankeem
📹 sunnydahye


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