FML. Worse night ever.

Literally me last night. Woke up in the middle of the night with a stomachache. Had diarrhoea and i swear its the worst i ever experienced! Went back to bed only to feel the pain again 😢😢 Wonder whats wrong? Could it be the dragon ramen? I literally felt like a dragon spewing fire please! Cept' that its from the ass, not mouth lol😑😑

On my way to work now hoping that the fire drill has not started. Cos my laptop is still in office. Heard that when it starts the shutters will be down. Which means i'll be stranded without a computer for me to do mt work. 😨😨

Down on luck today! Of all days, my parcel is delivering to office today. So i had to come to office and not work from home this morning. Yet its fire drill and so i got stranded without computer access. Bought brekkke to fill my stomach yet theres no single seat at Macs. Take away and wanted to find a seat in the mall to have my brekkie. Yet from tower 1 to tower 4, there's not a single empty seat! 天啊

Such an angsty day for me!

But thank god the day ended on a good note. Anyways, Nathan won 2nd in sing china! Woohoo!


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