Korea Day 4


Couldnt sleep very well last night for some reason. Woke up very early and started zipping the tv channels. Chanced upon Get It Beauty and suddenly i hear a chinese voice. Its 鬼鬼!!

Yesterday was pretty sian. Because it rained the ENTIRE DAY in Busan! Zzzz.. And it was the day where we're supposed to visit Haeundae & Gwangalli beach. 😣 In the end everything was looking so dark and gloomy, no tents on the beach either. Because of the rain we couldnt go ot to explore the food street by foot too. In the end we only went to Busan sealife aquarium and hopped around some small eatery trying the famous beef gukbap! #korea #busan

Last night at the famous Diamond bridge! We literally just walked to Gwangalli Beach just to snap this photo lol. Cos there were nothing else on sight. Oh bought a short Starbucks drink too. And its expensive! $6 odd for a cup smaller than Tall size in SG, aigoo~~~

Beef bukbap that tasted so good! Gukbap = soup and rice

Took the local bus at Toseong station to Gamcheon Culture Village! If you ask me about my impression of Busan, i would say its ALOT of stairs everywhere and a lot more ahjumma and ahjussi. Met this very friendly old uncle at the bus stop who came and asked us where we're going in English. And he is like old enough to be my grandfather. Super cute and friendly la! Anyway when you see this sign, it means you're at the right place waiting for bus!

Blown away by the sight of Gamcheon the moment i alighted. Just look at this. This is an instant mood lifter 😍

Me being instagramgirlfriend again haha. Love the weather today! 🙏

Pretty wall murals everywhere! Its a really nice quaint village with lotsa interesting theme cafes and shops. Pity we were rushing to get to Jagalchi market and hence didnt finish touring the whole village. Partly also cos its really tiring!

Bought a spicy hotteok to eat! The shape is too cute, just gotta take a photo haha 💕

Tried this and i like it! Its like jelly with random sauce, peanuts and what not! 4,000won for a piece, wah very easy to earn money here lol

This is what i meant by tiring. Its either climbing stairs or slopes. This flight of stairs has like 148 steps and its literally called "the stairs to see stars" totally agree lol

Next up, we took another stop via Line 1 to Jagalchi. There are an outdoor and indoor market. This is the outdoor market, as authentic as it gets with ahjumma throwing basin of water at their seafood and dont really care if it kena ur shoes lol

We went to the indoor market to choose our seafood and paid like 65,000won for a huge crab and several clams/abalone. An ahjmma brought us upstairs to take a seat while they cook and bring us some banchan. Had the abalone & clams grilled first! Not really my kinda thing lol. Then we had this giant crab steamed. For the first time, i eat crab until i feel damm full 😐 later on we got charged another 23000won for cooking and side dish zzz. Exp meal but worth a try la.

Headed to BIFF square which is also at Jagalchi where there are a lot of street food!! Bought this mandu which is really yummy heh

Went to Nampo after that, was so excited to check out the LINE cafe and observatory in Lotte Dept Store but to our dismay, its closed!!! What a bummer. Ended up strolling alongg Gwangbok fashion street, had Gong Cha etc. When its almost evening, we went up to Yongdusan Park near Busan Tower to catch the sunset!! Such a pretty sight to behold 😍

The rest is history. Gonna zzz soon before we head to Seoul, Myeongdong tomorrow!

Most excited about Olive Young, LINE and Style Nanda Pink Hotel! Btw just realise our hotel is right beside Top 10, how awesome lol. Top 10 is like our favourite shop so far esp for guys!


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