Home sweet home! Guess who were on the same flight back? Mark Lee, Auntie Lucy!

Anyways we touched down at about 5.25am. Flight delay of 11h 35mins. On the bright side, we get to claim insurance which probably means we get FREE adidas kicks for this trip plus bit of expenses. Trade off is we get lesser weekend time to recuperate. Slept till about 2pm after we got home and accompanied the boy to the dental and he just did a wisdom tooth exttaction 😱

Now he is running a fever and sleeping and im not too sure what to do haha.

Maybe i should just sleep as well haha. I think i left part of my soul in Korea, still missing the country so much. Missed talking to the people there. I think the best conversation i had was with a male shop assistant at helloAPM. The boy was trying clothes so we just kinda chatted. Talked about what actor/singer is popular in SG. Was telling him i like 2pm, he was like aiiiish. I know your age, they're from long time ago 😂 and how now its all about EXO, BTS etc.

Unpacked our luggage earlier and this is what that is inside haha. Everybody was shocked at how much we bought. I cant wait to get home tomorrow night and dayre about my k-beauty loots from this trip. Its a pity i didnt get to go Forencos!

Oh because of the flight delay, lucky us got the extended legroom seats FOC! Actually they gave us meal voucher of 10,000₩ each but we tried it on Gong Cha and MOS Burger in Incheon Airport but the staff all gave us a puzzled look. Didnt utilise it in the end!

While the boy is sleeping, decided to cook myself some buddaejigae before i sleep too LOL

So good! Ramyeon + cola = best combi


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