Feeling the withdrawal symptoms now 😣

I guess to me, Korea doesnt feel like a travel destination, it feels like a second home to me. Not sure how to describe but i've never felt so much at ease at a country where its primary language is not my mother tongue. Before jetting off, im also surprised that the boy asked when would we be back? And we sort of agreed that it would be in 2018 at least since next year is Taiwan. He even brought up saying that he might want to learn Korean! πŸ˜‚

Otw home now and it feels like its back to the grind. Back to reality. Till the next holiday which most likely would be Taiwan for our pre-wedding shoot! Time to save more moolahs~

Btw, have you guys seen the latest fall collection for 3CE lipsticks? Love the nudish beige shades! Why isnt it out when im there uh? πŸ˜’ And im kinda regretting that i didnt buy a single 3CE lipstick. Theres a shade that i really like but i felt that its not exactly cheap leh (though its just 1,000β‚© more expensive than my labiotte wine lipstick). Maybe i shall just get it in SG haha.

This is the shade πŸ‘‰ #lowdown

Unpacking my loots and i gotta say im quite pleased with what i bought this trip! Sharing my #beauty buys first ✌

So Olive Young was what i've been anticipating before the trip! And i cant wait to raid the #getitbeauty racks. Even after arriving in Korea, i chanced upon Olive Young in Hongdae and Busan, i held myself back from entering the store because i didnt want to start buying cosmetics and lugging the heavy luggage to Busan. Plus, i heard that Myeongdong has the largest outlet so i thought might as well keep all the beauty shopping till i get to Myeongdong. Biggest mistake ever!

Though the Myeongdong outlet (i think it has 2 floors) was pretty big, but some of the items i wanted was oos. And the #getitbeauty rack was a disappointing, i was hoping to find many items which i saw from the show but ended up seeing only those common items or those that i already know. πŸ˜’ That being said, i still had a gd time shopping plus its just opposite my hotel πŸ˜‚

So i couldnt contain my excitement when i saw this. This was on the #getitbeauty racks and its also one of the items which i've talked about before. I still recall right after watching the episode, i asked my colleague to source this #aquabab modelling mask for me and we shipped it from Korea. It was pretty expensive almost $40 for five masks. When i found it in Olive Young, its still exp about $36 but heck, its so good, i just had to get it. Not one but two😁

Its those kind which you feel like when you go to facial treatments, the beautician used it on you. Like you hear them mixing masks behind you, and next thing you know they spread this nice cooling thing all over your face, leave it to dry and come back to peel it all off you in one piece. So yap! I use this when i feel like i wanna pamper myself and when i cant afford to go for facials lol. My love for modelling masks heh

And i bought this from Olive Young too. Its the Nexcare 3M Acne Patch! Im a sucker for packaging so i just got to get this. But i felt quite cheated when i unboxed it just now because its just one piece of acne patch like the usual kind. I thought it would have cute prints on it lor….. πŸ˜’ oh well lesson learnt haha

Peri Pera lipstick which i already posted before! This one really another cute packaging. I only bought one to try though. If it really stays, maybe i will just get more from gmarket korea.

Another #getitbeauty item! Saw this in one of the episodes and i actually tried to look up this item in Sasa but sadly Sasa only carry certain of its product lines. Just nice since im my primer is finishing soon and i needed a brightening makeup base 😁 when i tested it, it felt almost non-existent on my skin when i applied it. Just hope it can blend well with my bb/foundation!

Bought a new stick! Ever since one of the blogger recommended this, i bought mine at Sasa and love it ever since! When i was in etude house, the sales assistant also recommended to use such brush to fill the foundation for a better finish and to cover the pores better. πŸ‘

Thats all my loots for Olive Young! Quite well restrained hor? Haha wanted to buy the Son & Park Beauty Water but its oos. Saw it in other outlets but was reluctant to spend more. Couldnt find Verite double cut sun stick too 😒

Talking about Style Nanda earlier, this is the only item i bought for myself. Hair mist which also double up as fragrance mist! εΎˆι¦™ i just gotta get it!

And how can i forget about Innisfree? As there's a 20% discount off 50,000β‚© purchase, i really went all out to make sure i hit the min. spend haha. Bought the scalp tonic essence! I have hair products from the same series and i love it, so bought this to try too!

Restocked on this too! Got a travel size sample of this and i brought it to Korea in my make up pouch. As i find the weather in Korea now rather dry for the skin (since weather change is drastic and it gets cold), i made sure that i spray the Misha treatment essence mist on after cleansing and before makeup and then i spray this aloe revival mist again after my makeup. Its really refreshing and nice smelling too!

And i bought this to try because i needed to hit the min spend πŸ˜‚ my toner is finishing so i asked the retail asst to recommend me one. And it felt really moisturing on my skin so i got it to try. But i was reading the instructions on the bottle it says apply after toner leh, did i get cheated or what lol. Somemore i confirmed a couple of times lor…

Can never forget pig nose mask from Holika Holika! Wah but they dont sell in small qty anymore, min 60 packs! Which cost like $120 lor πŸ˜’ they also gave 20pcs of brightening masks la. Take it as my one year supply of masks haha. They just came on this new limited edn Gudetama packaging so of course get this!

The lipstick that i went head over heels with. They have 2 range, one is matte finish and another is more moisturizing. So i got a shade from each range! Its in the shape of a wine bottle, the tip when you pull it off, it has this sponge which you can use to dab your lipstick. And when you pull from the mid point, it reveals a lipstick just like the usual. Very nice smelling plus it has wine extracts which is said to be good for the skin.

And….got sold to get their hydration cleansing water too. Really one face but so many products to apply haha

I bought some other vanity items here and there too. But i think this pretty much sums up my favourites. Just opened my drawer and realised i still have like 4 boxes of unopened masks from Taiwan πŸ˜‚ Really can last till next year!

Alrighty thats all for my #dayrebeauty post. Good night folks!


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