Christmas is coming!! My favourite of all festivities 😁 Stepped into Spotlight yesterday and gosh how i wish my house is ready and i can start decorating it and planning house parties lol.

Weather is turning cold too, every day i wake up to rain. Not complaining though since i get to wear all the outerwears and knitwear 😃

Thanks to my job, i watch dramas all day now 😂

<Sweet Stranger and Me>

This is a new #Kdrama replacing #loveinthemoonlight timeslot. And surprisingly its quite nice! I officially got hooked from Ep 4 onwards haha. Maybe cos i had no expectations to begin with 🙊 Kinda like Soo Hyuk ever since Lucky Romance days because i find him quite charming. But the main lead Yong Kwang still win hands down heh. Story about two strangers living in a house, daughter and "step dad" who is as young as her. Cant wait to find out why he became step dad!


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