And so..this morning my Mum pointed to my #adidas slip on shoes and asked me if its branded and whether its expensive hahaha. Apparently she saw my shoes lying around, gave it a try and found it really comfortable and thought she found a cheaper alternative to Skechers πŸ˜‚ No mum, its not..

Maybe i should get a pair of her own for her!

What's in my 11/11 cart?

#Taobao is like my go-to place for interesting and cheap stuff like these! πŸ˜‚ items that are cheap and that i would never specially search high and low for in shops. My friends would know that i have exceptionally straight hair so wavy hair is always something that i want badly~ Did perm in Korea to curl my ends and it lasted for 2 weeks? Somemore i went to the well-known #juno hair! πŸ€” anyway cheap thrill i shall try this and see if next morning i wake up looking gorgeous or like ahjumma πŸ˜‚

Chic and edgy is my favourite fashion style. I just have a thing for assymetrical and slit stuff! Im like a super boring person when it comes to colours cos i'll always go for the nice safe ones like black, white and what not. But i appreciate clothes with a twist! Like with a slit or with a tinge of colours or textures, i'll be SOLD and be like take my money! πŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ actually i wanted longer slit tops, but no luck!

Well i guess badass is also defined as chic and edgy to me hahaha. Leather jackets always cost a bomb, i think i should really invest in a good one. But before i find the RIGHT one, here's an alternative to fill the gap for now hehehe πŸ™Š

Sliders!! So perfect for a nua weekend. Getting this in white cos i have a pair of sandals that looked similar in black cept' that its with platforms. Actually black sliders also nice hor?

4 weddings and counting next year! Saw this cute and unconventional ang baos and so cheap luh! So yes im getting them, this design and many more πŸ™Š ηœ‹δΊ†ιƒ½εΌ€εΏƒ as though im the one getting married lol

Ever since the boy said that i havent been wearing much dresses, im trying to find back the feminine side of me haha. Plus its long sleeve and looks comfy, hope this can fit nicely and keep me warm in office!

And a slip on outerwear! Ever since Korea trip, i've been hooked to the Fall fashion and love to layer slip ons with a basic tee. This looks like a nice piece with that assymetrical twist hehe


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