Finally done with all the unpacking! Gosh took me more than an hour just to unwrap everything. But yay ninjavan's packaging is good 👍 gonna stick to them for all my future #taobao buys.

While unwrapping, there were few things that got me really excited! Needless to say, the personalised film roll is my favourite, now i wish i did one for myself too 😅 other things that exceeded my expectations and surprised me were my bag and clutch! Quality hen hao leh…

New top from #Taobao! Its pretty rare for me to buy clothes in such colour but i think its good to have something different once in awhile! Pretty easy to match if you ask me, and this costs me only like 11RMB? 😂 The downside is probably i wish the brown was darker like the one on their web and longer!

Brought my cardigan from the office back home to wash over the weekend and i forgot to bring it back!!! Gonna be a cold, cold day in office today 😐

I shall attempt to head to Phoon Huat sale today!!

Looking forward to my Dec break! Even though its not like im going anywhere or have anything planned hahaha. Just applied for a day leave on 23 Dec which means i get a long weekend!! Cos 25 Dec falls on a Sunday which makes Mon 26 Dec a holiday! Just the thought of it makes me excited 😆

Sharing my other favourite buys that i was talking about yesterday!

👉 Black tassel clutch: came in a nice white cloth like those that you buy from c&k, just missing a box lol.

This was the picture posted by the shop! Not bad hor? True to pic! Actually i checked out both colours but last min i got guilt trap and only bought the black lol. Not bad for a RM30 clutch about $6!

👉 solid structured bag: another good investment! The only downside was i tot its wider hahaha. But cant blame the shop cos i nv check measurements mah. It turned out more squarish than i expected. But still loving it! Nvm i can console myself that i have another bag arriving in batch 2 which from pic it def looks wider (at least tts what i think?) 😂

The pic that was posted on the shop! Looking at this pic again, ok i think i was really delusional or rather blind when i was shopping lol. Looks so square here what! Anyway yea it came with the detachable bear too!


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