Did it rain this morning or is it going to rain?

Feels rather chilly! But im not complaining cos it simply means that i get to wear my knitwear out! Timely opportunity to wear my new #taobao dress 😂

This morning's #ootd. Cant see the details on the dress properly, wish there's better lightings in my room! Actually this isnt exactly a knit wear, its more like combination of knit + ribbed top material if you get what i mean. Its so comfy?! The colour is exactly what i wanted too, so christmassy already heh

Original picture from the shop! Nice right! Looks like a nice combi with the boots but not really for SG unless its for some wedding dinner or event. If im in #Korea, i would gladly dress like this!

Close up pic of the dress where you can see the ruched tie string at waist area ✌ Actually this dress is one of the pricier ones, damage was about 79RMB about $16? But now that i receive the dress, this shop is definitely going into my favourited online stores lol.

This colour is close to what it looks like irl, burgundy red!

Have a good day peeps!!

P.S Btw did i mention that last night i dragged myself out of office to head to Braddel Phoon Huat and yet i only realise i overshot my stop till AMK? Didnt make it in the end. I try again today! 😂😂😂

Anyone want to do a flea together? I think i needa clear my wardrobe!! So many nice clothes but no time and discipline to put them up on carousell one by one haha


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