Just lazing in bed, refusing to wake up haha. Feels so good to wake up to Saturday isn't it?

Heading over to Scape to help out in an event for a short while today. I hope the turnout is good!

Bought this at LUSH last night, 很香!! Hope its good, saw it in some articles of Top 10 best dry shampoo of 2016 #dayrebeauty

Kope the Anello backpack that i bought for Mum to use today haha. She only used it like once 😐 Needed to bring quite a bit of stuff out today and a thermal flask of hot ginger tea (yes still coughing!) with me. So Anello is good for that as it has a deep side pocket for water bottle and very spacious compartnent to put my stuff! Hehe

Chilled at the newly opened Wild Bar with the boy and talked about our future plans. About how we both wanna start a business together after few years when our house is settled, and have learnt enough in our respective fields! 连concept 都想好了! Love such talks 😊


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