Blessed weekend

Tried to do some digital detox lately and spend quality time with the people around me. Hence, its lesser Dayre and IG update!

Feeling very xingfu these days and i feel like i could be really pampered by the boy. Like how whenever we go out for BBQ, he is always the only one doing the grilling, and i probably dont have to lay my fingers on the tongs at all. And he will always be stuffing me with food until i get full b4 he really eats his share!

And whenever there's prawns, crabs etc, he would be peeling it for me. Even when we are having a meal at home, he peels literally everything for me without me even asking just so that i dont have to get my hands dirty. Whenever im hungry, he'll be the one cooking and making milo for me too. Really 很pampered hor! The list goes on and on. And i guess act of service is my love language 😍

Have u guys downloaded the new #christmas stickers? So cute!!

And indeed, not easy being a santa especially when there's so much you wanna do, but no time. And for the past 2 weeks ive spent nursing my cough, i felt like i wasted a lot of time trying to rest (but didnt really get to rest, this is the worst). Like i have christmas cards and all that i wanna write but just didnt get the time to do it. Cookies that i baked but just didnt get to distribute it out 😥

Last few days left to more christmas celebrations! Now that im starting to recover, lets hope i get some time to complete what i wanna do, which means juggling work in day time, being a santa baking and wrapping at night haha. 💪💪💪


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