Yesterday i managed to update a lot while i was having brekkie but still couldnt manage to update everything and missed out on Boxing Day! Every year's 26 Dec is special because thats when the boy and I celebrate Christmas and our monthsary together! We dont usually celebrate monthsary but since its also Christmas period, so why not tog! πŸ™Š This year was a simple affair, we just enjoyed an escoot ride tog to have dinner followed by a stroll at ECP. Just the way i like it πŸ’•

Is this travel anxiety? Haha i have never flew to a country on such short notice before, somemore there's so much prep work to be done. Last night for me to pack my luggage, last night to read up and get familiarize on stuff. Hopefully it snows while im there!!

Its a 3D2N trip and yet my luggage is already so full haha πŸ˜… Feel like i miss out something leh!!


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