PWS & Korea Work Trip


Told the boy while strolling along ECP earlier that my boss and ex-manager asked me yesterday again about our pre-wedding shoot.

And this was how our conversation was like.
πŸ‘¦: Ya so when are we taking ah? We need to go book already you know
πŸ‘§: Still long la.. 6 months in advance mah. If we want to go this year then maybe Nov lor
πŸ‘¦: Ok then Nov lor.. then we need to faster go book and look at flights early
πŸ‘§: But you know you need to propose first right πŸ˜…
πŸ‘¦: Yes yes i know, dont worry

And so… we kinda decided that it will be Oct since there's a PH then πŸ˜‚

Gonna go to the studio this Sunday to make some amendments to our #PWS contract (like finally, after i procrastinated for a year) and most likely talk about the upcoming shoot! Feeling quite bummed because i forgot my TW coordinator's name, somemore i like her so much??! After i visited the queena studio in #taichung last year, i met my coordinator 小羽 (who was my 2nd one, the first one was called Ella but i think she left), came back to SG and told another coordinator taking over.

小羽 is still around but i think she has too many clients? Either way i didnt mind because the new coordinator was super helpful with all my queries over whatsapp and we chatted for like 2hrs. I even wrote it down on Dayre! But after i changed my phone, the convo was wiped out and i think i dont have her contact anymore too 😣 worse is i cant rem where we left off, i think we kinda decided on an itinerary and concept from our last convo thou πŸ€”

And… i was trying to research on the photoshoot theme park to see if things changed. And guess what, they are going to be closed temporarily from 20 Jan 2017 onwards! My gosh i hope they reopen soon enough and still has that big tree that i wanted to take a photo at lol. I posted the photo in one of my entries before! @heartands0ul:180416

Korea Day 1

As promised, here's an update about my recent work trip to Korea!

Tbh was quite worried about the trip since its for work and its the first time im travelling with people that im not as familiar with/meeting for the first time. But im glad we hit it off since the time we met at airport!

Took SQ midnight direct flight to #Seoul. Its been awhile, Singapore Airlines. I almost forgot how awesome you are haha. I think the service standards and food is da best!

My colleague's Snorlax occupying my cup holder πŸ˜‚ our flight was delayed for quite long though, almost an hr in total! Delay tookoff, delay landing tsk tsk

Caught the prettiest horizon on the flight. Photos dont do justice but i just had to take a photo to remind myself of that sight. 😍

After arrival at around 8am, the hotel staff came to pick us up and left for the hotel. I swear i feel like i almost got frozen when i stepped out of the airport in just jeans and a long sleeve shirt lol. It was -10 degree celcius when we touched down! So thankful that we chose this hotel because they actually allowed us to do early check in at 930am and late check out at 3pm!! Original check in is like 2pm and 12pm check out actually. For the first time i have an entire room to myself πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Put on our gears and we left for Myeongdong for lunch. Oh ya btw our hotel was situated about 5mins walk away from Seoul Station. And yes i didnt sleep at all throughout the flight. Hosted the media for lunch at Wangbijib and i think their bbq meat is the best ive tasted! This is so going into my must-visit-restaurant-whenever-i-visit-korea!

We kinda all got into stoning mode after the heavy lunch and the makgeolli/plum wine. Accompanied the media to walk around Myeondong, exchanged money, get heat pack from daiso etc. At this point, still not very used to the sub zero temperature.

So Day 1 was quite OTOT. We headed to Ewha and took some touristy photos in the #LINE store because its much more empty compared to the Myeongdong outlet. Then we walked to Sinchon looking for Miniso because thanks to airfrov i realise that the Gobin soft toys are released!!

TADA! They just restocked the shelves when we were there and i swear its running out pretty fast. Because we later on learned from another colleague that she checked out the store 2 days ago and it was oos. We must be really lucky right! Anyway for those who watch #goblin you will find these familiar heh. Btw some fun fact, these soft toys are produced by Bonicrew, the same people behind the DOTS wolf and bunny haha. Too bad grim reaper is not out yet. After Sinchon we took a bus to Hongdae!

Met the rest for a team dinner and i must say it feels really amazing. Like how everyone came together from different parts of the world – HK, SG, PH etc. Oh we ate at this Korean bbq restaurant which is opened by YG. On our way out, we overheard a staff telling the rest in korean "if you stay late enough till 12am odd you might see lee jong suk"

If you dont know who is lee jong suk, fyi its this guy. Yes the one who acted in Pinnochio, W etc!

In case you're wondering, nope we didnt linger around to wait. Because it was only 8pm+ and it would be insane to wait till midnight especially when we didnt sleep the previous night. We ended up walking around Hongdae and going back to Sinchon Minoso just to ask for goblin posters which the staff didnt give us for buying the soft toys πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ η΄―ζ­»ζˆ‘δΊ†, reached Hotel at about 11pm+ and i crashed on bed. While trying to work and watching Goblin at the same time. Next thing i know i woke up and its morn.

Korea Day 2

So tired when i woke up the next morning. Slept for like only 5hrs in two days? Dragged myself out of bed for hotel buffet breakfast and headed to Bukchon for some sightseeing!


Really thankful for my boots and jacket. The jacket was really like equivalent to two layers of clothes!

Did i mention that our hotel is situated at the top of a hill? So there's this slope that you got to climb up/walk down. I curse and swear each time i had to climb up especially one of the days when i hadd to lug a carton of loots from Lotte Mart up. πŸ˜… that aside, its a pretty sight for photos!

When we arrived at Bukchon i saw the most number of policemen ive ever seen in my entire life. We werent allowed to take photos so i had to take this photo sneakily. This is like 1/1000 times the number of uniformed crew present. Was told there would be a protest at 4pm, they were all them preparing for it since 11am!

Arrived at Bukchon!

When at Bukchon, just spam photos!

ζœ‰ζ²‘ζœ‰feel? All photos are taken with just my Samsung phone haha

NG~ 偷笑

What i always look forward to after conquering Bukchon is to pig out at this Street Churros cafe! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Last photo opportunity otw back to the station! End of R&R! It was about 2pm? We rushed back to hotel to get changed and ready to head out to KBS hall.

This is the Red Carpet outside KBS Hall for the KBS Drama Awards 2016

The fans situation outside

While i was standing inside with the media in front of our backdrop and interview zone. Kinda glad that i dont have to be outside else it gonna be so cold! And all the stars who walked the red carpet will come into the hall and stopped here for a photo or interview 😊 Those who watched Love in the Moonlight you will probably recognise her?

This was when they are walking up the stage. Bo ah! If you have watched Sweet Stranger and Me, you will recognise her. Super pretty irl 😍

Pleasant surprise for me was seeing Kim So Hyun again. As she wasnt in the attendance list..

Last highlight of the night is Park Bo Gum! Didnt manage to see him at Love in the Moonlight autograph session, at least finally got to see him upclose this time. And i would say he is really well-mannered.

Look at how he bows and acknowledges everyone on stage πŸ‘

Caught the two parts award ceremony inside the studio and it was really quite an interesting experience. And there are a few must-watch segments like joong ki and bo gum tearing. Even though i was there, i rewatched a few times on viu when i was back πŸ™ŠπŸ™Š The show took about 4hrs long so yup it ended at 1am KST. Cabbed back to hotel and concussed for the night once again.

Korea Day 3

Woke up to realise that i have already missed the breakfast timing. So ended up working till like 12pm+ before i left hotel for Myeongdong and Lotte Mart. Speed shopping because i bought everything within 2hrs including lunch and had to check out of hotel by 3pm. Thank goodness i just went Korea so i was very famailiar with the directions and no time wasted on that.

After checking-out, i went to Yongsan emart to look around before heading to Dragon Hill Spa again. It was mad packed! Stayed for an hour before i had to head back to hotel again to pick up our luggage and leave for airport. What a whirlwind trip! Fun? Yes it was. Tiring? Absolutely. Im still recovering from the fatigue now lol

I just realise his face was cropped off by Dayre above! Zzz and i cant go back to edit the photo in that post again πŸ˜‘


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