SO TIRED! I'm gonna sleep early right after work today πŸ˜‚

Song Ji Hyo's new beauty show is out!! πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ going home to catch it now now! #dayrebeauty

From the looks of it, its similar to #getitbeauty but even better because ji hyo is really bad with make up so its like you're learning the basics together with her. Going to start Missing 9 and Shy Boss tonight too!

Missing 9 is like concept of "Lost", about an accidental plane crash that caused nine people to be stranded on an island.

My eyes literally lit up! Been wanting to grab some small bites home to gei liao as my appetite is suddenly back after having starved myself quite badly this whole week due to work. And guess what i just saw?

PASAR MALAM at my house!!

Everytime i watch beauty shows i always pay attention to the lip colours. I love to see them on others but dont know why i always get lazy to apply them dilligently on myself lol.

But just look at the number of lipsticks that i have πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… (easily 20 sticks in there for 1 lip hah!)

And these are my current favourites! #Labiotte clearly has a place in my heart, for at a good 3 months already πŸ™Šthe one on the most right is called a lip glow stick which has a faint colour and doubles up as a lip balm. Hands down best lip balm i ever use that i LOVE putting it on my lips because it feels so light and non-greasy! The rest would be when im not lazy to apply colours lol

But i must say ive been dilligently putting on facial masks more often these days though! At least once per week! Learnt my lesson ever since i threw away a drawer of masks the last round.

This drawer is just what ive accumulated from my trip to #korea and #taiwan last year since i dont buy masks in SG. And i love the idea of how i can choose different masks to use depending on how i feel that day

Putting on this mask now! Just because its much bigger than other masks which is making it hard for me to close my drawer proper lol.

But to my delight, this mask feels so nice?!?! The mask has like a jelly texture and it comes in 2 pieces. So you put one on your upper face and another on your lower face. Smells really good too! I think i shd go franchise labiotte here lol.

This was a sample given to me btw. @sitianwong please buy this when you go korea!

Felt like i havent had much proper sleep the entire week so im gonna call it a day early! Put on these night lights and sprayed some lavender mist against my fan so that it can spread it across my room. Now i think i can sleep well! Night peeps 😊

OMG was just raving about it and my friend whatsapped me this!! No need go korea buy liao hahaha. To think i was worried about how im gonna restock my cleansing water, lip balm and masks. Got hope liao!!

20%!! Now im energetic lol


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