Date with the boy today! Pretty psyched because its a day filled with activities 😉

👫Kayaking near Indoor Stadium
👫Brewerkz Lunch Promo
👫Triple X movie at Filmgarde Bugis
👫CNY + Labiotte Shopping in Bugis
👫Wangdaebak BBQ dinner @ China Sq (yes again!)

Shall use my travelling time to catch up on #Goblin ep 14 now!

Made sure i downloaded it before i left house! And as you can see, i didnt manage to catch Missing 9 last night too haha, still sitting in my archive 😅

Maybe not a good idea to watch in train afterall, first 3 mins got me tearing again! 😭

And so.. the boy accidentally blurted out that he has already bought a ring lol 🙊🙊🙊

Thank goodness we were up early today for kayak! Cos it started pouring after our lunch lol

Thankful for this boy too, who was the only one paddling lol. I just had to chill, sit back, sing songs and take pictures lol

Boy's parents are joining us last minute for Wangdaebak too! 😆

Refraining from looking at all that Goblin finale spoilers lol


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