#Goblin final two episodes are out!!! But i can only watch later at night 😭 ζˆ‘εΏ!

Yesterday was awesome in every way because i managed to buy my CNY clothes!! The crowd was madness though, spent almost half an hr just queuing to pay for my items. I skipped the trying queue even ok πŸ˜… bought a new navy culottes and a new pumps from Editors Market!! Actually i really wanted to get a pair of new kitty heels but the pumps look nice and fuss-free to resist lol

This is the pair!! So comfy 😍

And after dinner at Wangdaebak, we went to Chinatown for a walk. Yet another crowd to brave lolol.

The boy is very sweet though, everytime when we are met with such crowd, he would sorta backhug me and hold his arms up around me as a "boundary" to prevent other peoppe from pushing me. 很sweet hor but everytime when he is about to score brownie point, he would spoil it for himself. Lol cos he would ask "none of your ex did this for you right!" And looking very proud of himself lol

And his parents bought me this kiddish chopsticks so as to help me to practise my 筷子功 wth lol

And so.. its true when they say boys dont really listen whenever you tell them to buy a cheap proposal ring lol

This is what they bought me πŸ˜… and of course i psychoed the boy to use it together with me, if not i wont use it

So this is his!! Baymax damm cute

Couldnt find any other sticker to describe but i was almost like this yesterday, with my limbs spread out chilling in the kayak. Obviously i got burnt. Like a boston lobster now, and its damm painful! Feel like my skin is very dry and about to tear kind. Gonna slab on a lot of aloe vera gel when i get home!

Found a new trick to itinerary planning! Since most of the photos that made it to IG are usually "instagram-worthy" and "picturesque", i'll search up the destination that i would like to visit via hashtag and hunt for photos that catch my eyes. And if it does catch my eye, i will click on the location tag and see if 80% of the photos taken at the same place by others are as nice also or if better still, there might be other instagram-worthy photos at the same place! If so, bookmarked it is!

For instance, i chanced upon this place while searching for #yilan tags. Its like nice colourful wooden houses!

I use the same trick to look for #pws photo concepts or places to go, just so that i can illustrate to my photographer what i like and what i don like.

And i found this gem in #taichung
Im quite a minimalist and i love the classic shoots but i'll also appreciate photos with a twist, some pop colours to make it a pleasure to look at

Love Goblin's ending! I felt like this is almost the best way it could have ended


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