Happy mid week!!

Feeling thrilled because i have after work appointments from today till the weekends ✌ Seldom pack my schedule on weekdays but bo bian. Just por pi that i wont be late for my appts!! πŸ€”

So what has been ongoing for me this week?

This is probably me most of the time at work hahaha. I shall not pent down the details here but i just pray for everything to be over without hiccups next weekend!

Other than that, i did manage to find some time to do some shopping, both online and brick-and-motar.

Like i carted this bunch of things from My Beauty Moments on Sun after a week's of deliberation πŸ˜… Read about #Cosrx and some of their items are like best sellers in Soko Glam. Have a bump which just refused to subside after so long, thats when i decided that i should have 2 lines of skincare – 1 for daily use and 1 for weekly use or to use it just for my T-zone when there's red alert on incoming bumps! #dayrebeauty

The items all came securely bubble wrapped and placed into this box πŸ‘ Ordered on Sun night and collected my items yesterday night, efficient or what? πŸ‘

Cannot wait to try Dal Kolm coffee tonight!!

Food coma attack! Wondering why i feel so sleepy everyday when i still get at least 6-7hrs of sleep. Is it not enough? πŸ˜•πŸ˜•

So this Monday i mentioned about δΈ€ζ‘©ε–œδΊ‹right? Its a wedding invite in April and another in October! Thank goodness i postponed the preweddingshoot from Oct to Nov if not the dates would have clashed!

Now the fun part on to choosing bridesmaid dresses!

Had a good time chilling at Dal Komm! Though the drinks average only but the ambience i like hahaha

Damm funny taking photos with Joyce because she kept saying her chin and eyes look different and not like joyce. And thats when we realise my selfie mode options had like "LARGE EYES 10" and "SLIM FACE 10" LOLL 吓死人 and i dont even know that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ anyway this is the normal pic hahahaha


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