Ciracle | Adidas


Ok actually its called Blackhead sheet but i bought it for whiteheads actually lol since i dont really have blackheads. After so long, this is like my replacement for skin miso! #dayrebeauty

#Ciracle Blackhead Sheet

This is the one!! πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘† Chanced upon it online when i was looking at #Cosrx

Decided to give it a try because i like how it is, reminds me of the #Neogen exfoliating sheets. And honestly i dont really like pore strips because i hate the part when i had to pry it away from my nose πŸ˜‚ (Though i think its a necessary evil once in awhile haha.) This is like those moist sheets which you just leave it on your nose.

I was quite skeptical when i used it last night.

Because its in a round shape which even after pulling and stretching it, it doesnt fit nicely to my nose and i thought i did something wrong? Plus it feels so light that im thinking how can it make my whiteheads appear ah? πŸ˜…

But to my surprise after i took it out (painless somemore since its a sheet mask), i see obvious little whiteheads appearing on my nose. And when i use a cotton swab to give it a gentle press, more whiteheads started oozing out! Feel like i have a baby nose now lol

I think the effect is almost like skin miso except that this is 1 step and skin miso is 3 steps lol. Of course 1 step wins! Lazy skincare, ask me im the best lol πŸ˜‰ this is more pocket friendly too, think i bought at a discount <$15 for 30 sheets? Oh best part is you can use these on your cheeks and chin too hehe. Another #korean beauty product to my favourite list!

Cannot wait for yoga tonight!! In need of some workout after CNY lol

Lift selfie rocking my new #adidas tote bag! Super funny how Joyce ζ‹†η©Ώζˆ‘that everytime when i try to buy presents for others, i end up buying for myself too πŸ™Š But i really love this la!

Close-up of the bag! So simple but nice ❀ Last i checked Suntec outlet it was oos!! Not sure if other shops carry it πŸ€”

Omg heard that this is restocked in Japan and HK??!!

And this crossbody so chio!!!

@mandalogy21 If you come across these in HK, pls buy it for me!! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Another actress getting married! Such a beautiful picture!! Love the fairy lights, the gown, the pose, the smile…. 😍😍

Cannot stop looking at the sleeves and her ballerina flats

Never a fan of ballerina flats but she made it look so nice?!?! Now i also feel like i wanna try lolol #dayrebride

Omg so gandong! That feeling when finally someone is talking about the product that you've been raving about lol. Reading @sweetpea's review on #labiotte lip tint is like totally true to what i feel cos i also use it to dap on inner lips with my ring finger heh.

I started with the lipsticks and gave the lip tint samples to Joyce and Sitian so i never really tried it as im not a fan usually. From what i rem, lip tints are usually like sticky?

But in my recent trip to #korea again i bought one lip tint to try myself and i couldnt believe it was so light and watery?? That i remember texting sitian to ask lol.


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