Finally started on Voice just now and omg im hooked already? Got an early meeting tomorrow and yet im still watching ep 2 now tsk tsk.

But the show is surprisingly good? Damm kan chiong la..

Ok sleep michelle sleep!!

Seee la, 活该. Slept so late, now running late plus woke up with a red eye 😣

Anyway, happy Valentine's day everyone! 😄

No luck!! Scoot's offer was only up till 30 Sept 😥

On the other hand, im like itching to go somewhere. Maybe should just for a chill beach vacay hor!

Omg Voice is really damm good? On to Ep 4 now and i havent even skipped any parts yet. Like totally CSI and 紧张!!

Its quite funny seeing guys carrying bouquet of flowers everywhere today! Lol even funnier when the boss said his wife texted him a photo of a bouquet and asked if the flowers is from him. You know whats the best part?

The flowers isnt from him!! Lol major FML moment for him. Cos its like

1) flowers from who?! Secret admirer ah
2) i didnt prepare anything leh shit

Love the simple Vday dinner tonight!!

So glad we both decided to come back to East Bureau for a simple dinner. I only booked the reservation last night and so heng that we got a really good outdoor sofa seat!! The view is like superb yet feels casual and not too atas or restrictive heh

Feel like 老夫老妻cos the boy was so stressed over work that he absolutely didnt prepare anything. No gift no flowers. But i was still grinning from ear to ear cos seeing him on a weekday is like already bonus ❤❤

Couldnt get proper photos because the lamps kept casting a shadow on me. But still! Just want to document this down 😚😚

To illustrate my point on how comfy the sofa is, just look at this. Perfect for lounging!!

Another joke of the day because the guys in my office today were trying to make last minute reservations and i told them like no biggie cos i booked my own restaurant. And they all couldnt stop laughing over hours. 很好笑meh?

Why should we let society norms lead us into thinking what's right or wrong? 开心就好!

Ending today's post with a photo of us, would be perfect if not for the shadow on my face 😩

Back to Voice!!!

Very amazed at how real #ParkBoGum is! Saw photos of him in berms and flip flops after his recent BKK fan meet in a shopping mall and now saw this vid of him at Shilin night market lol. Reminded me of how this guy left an impression on me during last year end KBS drama awards encounter, super polite and respectful!


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