Enroute to Aerial Yoga class! Been some time since i went for class because i had to decide between Aerial Yoga at Upside Motion or Basics Yoga at Yoga Movement lol. Yes i had 2 yoga packages πŸ˜₯ but please dont learn from me cos my yoga movement package expired when i have like 28 classes left LOL *facepalm

Chilling in our studio before class. Look at how happy cherylene is! πŸ˜„

Omg my very 1st purchase from #ourbraletteclub is here and im sold!! When i first received it, i was like "ahh package so small and flat ah?" When i took it out i was still like "hmm looks so tiny can fit or not?" #obc

Obviously feeling very insecure since its the first time i bought something non padded with no support. But to my surprise it fits nicely?! Most importantly εΎˆθˆ’ζœleh!! Plus its like seamless wont bulge out under your tops.

What that really swept me off my feet is… that lace!!!

Put a spag top over the bralette and the lace trims were like peeping out from it, super pretty laaaa.

Now i cant wait for my 2nd purchase to arrive πŸ™Š my choice was right, i bought their recent padded lattice but i opted for self collect cos i know i will buy more when they bring in more designs. So i was thinking i should just buy and accumulate first
Yet @braintango is so nice that she offered to mail it to me first without charging me extra πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜š


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