My 2nd parcel has arrived!! So efficient @braintango!! 😁 such a small parcel that nobody would have taught i bought lingerie lol

My flatlay skills suck but anyways! Presenting the padded lattice bra (top) and here for you bralette (bottom).

Can i just say that i really really love the top design??? 😍 but sadly it doesnt fit me as well!! I think its like too big/loose for me, actually i asking for it la cos its supposed to suit more busty girls but i just love the design so much that i took a leap of faith to try lol. Sadly the strap is non-adjustable so if its big for you, it just mean that there is really nth u can do!

Anybody keen to buy the padded lattice? Do drop a comment!!

On the otherr hand, here for you is definitely a keeper! Hehe #obc #ourbraletteclub

Looking at photos yesterday of Park Bo Gum sightseeing in SG. Seems like he had a good time! At some point he was even squatting down to take an ootd shot for his manager at the Merlion Park lol

Cr source: ChenIChieh

Cheapskate mode to the max πŸ˜‚

Omg am i slow or what? I've always heard about but i usually dont have a preference of booking through those travel sites. Whichever that is cheaper, i'll go for that! But of course somehow i always lean towards agoda or because they always seem to appear when i search for hotels (their SEM agency is reallyπŸ–’, gotta give it to them!)

And yet yesterday @cherylene27 shared that they have this rewards system whereby you book 10 nights through them and get 1 night free. 😱😱

Holy crap, tried it this morning and it works!! I had the impression it was 10 bookings, but no its 10 nights?! 10 nights damm easy to clock right? Like last year i went #Taiwan and #Korea i could have easily clocked 16 nights and redeemed for free 1 night staycay liao 😐

Anyway why did i say i cheapskate? Lol cos i compared with my bookings made under agoda for my Nov taiwan trip and cost about $20 more for each hotel! I didnt really mind la since its just $20 but i can redeem 1N

That was when i saw this "Price Guarantee" stamp at when i did my booking. Hovered over it and it says if you find other sources offering a cheaper price they will refund you the difference or something. 😱 since thats what they pride themselves upon, ok lor i submitted my request for them to match the price of what i could have gotten on agoda!

Lets see what they'll get back with!

Anyways, because i was distracted by all these this AM, im late again in meeting the boy lol. Feel so bad leh, forever making him wait!

(But i got legit reason la hor? Lol)


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