Blossom Brothers PBG & SJK | | Pokemon Go

Didn't get a chance to update this space yesterday because i was so busy running around!

But i would say #parkbogum made it all worthwhile lol 😍 have been to a few k-events and i must say this was the best i've been in terms of the programme lineup! η²‰δΈη¦εˆ©damm awesome!

I've always heard from media about how genuine pbg is, since reply 1988 days. Having seen him once upclose last Dec at KBS, i could already feel his sincerity and good mannerism from his little actions. Like how he will acknowledge everybody on stage with his bow and all.

2nd time seeing him upclose, for a much longer duration this time. And he won me over again!! The most heartening thing to know is he maintained that consistency and stayed true and humble till today 😍

5hours+ of fanmeet!!

Yes, his fanmeet started at almost 6pm sharp and by the time we were done with High-Touch it was 1115pm. By the time he's done with everybody, im sure it would have been at least 12am.

Maybe old liao. I think fanmeet suits me better now lol. I cant imagine back to those days where i went for 2pm and beast concert and we had to queue hours and to stand in moshpit πŸ˜…

That moment when Bo gum came on stage!! 😍

Him doing his famous Bombastic dance lol. For those who didnt watch Love in the Moonlight, he filmed this trailer for the show and he was clad in the young emperor attire dancing this at GyeongBokGung palace lol. Go look for that video, you will have a good laugh! Anyway its good seeing the real deal upclose lolol

I realise my videos are all jumbled up when i try to upload via Dayre so im just gonna post anything that i can remember! I spammed so much videos on my ig story and took so much photos so that i can do live tweets and post the videos after the event lol.

Anyways so it was q&a or rather sharing session. And bo gum showed this photo which he took when he was in SG before the fanmeet. This guy really no fear man lol. Look at that confident look at his face on a reverse bungy 😎

He did so much for all the fans and you know certain things are from his heart and not by the script. Like how he bother to ask for fan's name, write a message in English for the fan etc.

So this was him playing piano and singing a song to the lucky fan!

He was requested by a fan to fold a paper aeroplane for him just like a scene in Love in the Moonlight. So he asked for her name, wrote a pretty long message to her in English, sign on it before folding it and even went near her just to fly that aeroplane to her. And look at that air high five!!! So sweet of him~

He also appeared amidst fans singing Singapura lol. He was wearing this garland and when he went on stage he said that he was very adamant on giving that away to a fan actually but he didnt manage to do it and its all the fans fault lol. I think it was because the situation went out of control and the security were like almost lifting him away alr lolol

There were a lot of fan interaction activities e.g. re-enacting the scenes from reply and LITM, him making a dish and feeding it to a fan etc!

Just got to share this video! 😍 hear his doubtful reply "all right~" am surprised at how good his english is!

Their bromance is real guys 😍 and yes SJK is here!!

My gosh i took so much videos i think i should post them next time hahaha. Theres no way i can finish posting them. So there was this segment where SJK and PBG had to make a chicken figurine and its so funny because bo gum seems like he knows what he want to make right away. But SJK is like clueless yet still looking very confident lol

So this was what PBG did

And this was what SJK did πŸ˜‚ and he said it was the fans who confused him when he asked if we wanted a sexy chick or cute chick, so it turned out looking like this πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Shall leave the rest of vids and pics for next post when i feel like doing a throwback post lol

But before that just want to reiterate again about how sincere and real he is!! He wrote a handwritten letter to fans and read it out on stage. And said he would like to give this to a fan who was smiling very warmly at him when he was walking amongst the audience. And this guy came to the front of the stage trying very hard to spot the fan but to no avail.

And so he said "nvm! I will make sure i find you and give this letter to you" while looking very determined. True enough at the high touch session, he really found her 😍

During the high touch session he stood throughout that 2hrs without sitting down or taking a sip of water. And he reciprocated every single gesture that fans did. Some fans ran up to him and did a heart with their arms, and he followed suit too!

When it was my turn, he was obviously already very tired.

Yet he was still smiling when he ^5 me and when i said you've worked hard in korean to him, he looked at my in the eyes and said "THANK YOU SOOO MUCH" in english 😍 and i could feel that he really meant his words.

Reply 1988 is now in my next to-watch list hahahah

Remember i shared about yesterday about their rewards system? They replied my Price Guarantee request very promptly yesterday and said they have already matched the lower prices that i could have gotten at agoda and gave me a refund. Wooohoo! Just checked my bookings and indeed the prices were what i jad on agoda, cept' that i have now 8 nights booked on, just need to book 2 more nights and i can get my 1 free night!

Ever since Pokemon Go released new 80 pokemons, ive been back to the game cos the new ones are mostly adorbs!!!

But the best thing happened today because for the first time i hatched something good!

YES ITS PICHU!! So cute!! The boy kept saying he will go evolve it to Pikachu when im not aware, damm annoying lol

Time to catch up on latest ep of Voice before calling it for a day!


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