TGIF with the colleagues! From Avenue, bar hop to OSG!

Time check, 1.36AM. Can't wait to get back to my bed!

Oooops, its afternoon already 😕 Forever late in meeting the boy, i blame it on my ambitious mind. Woke up so early today and had a zillion things on my mind to do before i meet him e.g. do my mask, boost some ads etc.

Yet i spent soooo much time on work (about an hr!), and worse is what i set out to do didnt accomplish because of some error which is beyond my means 😑 yes which pretty much mean that i spent an hour on NOTHING.

Ended up rushing through my masking and now late hah

This morning's affair 😁
Managed to put this photo composition together pretty quickly but damn fail because…

❌ I wanted to watch Strong Woman Do Bong Soon which is why its on my screen, but i only caught first 5 minutes of the show
❌ Recall that i bought lip patches in #Korea last Oct and was so excited to use it BUT i cannot freaking stick it on my lips (it keeps slipping down!) So i ended up wasting one patch 😭

The only thing that worked out was using my holy grail 23yearsold modelling mask from #Korea which i have been trying to 剩着用 because 1) it costs like $8/pc and 2) im running low on stock and its not sold in SG

But i felt like i didnt fully utilise it because usually i leave it on for like 20mins, i only could afford to keep it on for 10mins earlier 😕

O well, on to happier stuff!

Excited for #Saturdate because there's a plan! 😂

✅ Visit Wheeler's Estate @ Seletar
✅ iLights exhibition


Say cheese ✌

Bummed that it started pouring again when we were at Wheeler's Estate! Ended up not taking any photos 😕

Cabbed to Ion's Bershka to look for an off shoulder top that i've been eyeing but no luck! 😑

Ended up buying this unexpectedly nice romper!!! Not the usual prints i would get, but its so flattering?!?! 😍


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