Fresh is growing onto me

This caught my eyes this morning..1 gown with 3 different looks. So pretty!!! Loving the 1st look most 😍 which is ur fave? #dayrebrides

I've sinned once again

Working in Suntec really has its pros and cons. Its really convenient when it comes to running errands, buying last min stuff. BUT its also land of poison lol.

Stepped into Sephora just now to get my Fresh Lip Perfecting Wand

This is the one i was talking about the other day!! Its like $36 πŸ˜… if you ask me, i will say its 不值得 lor. But another part of me will be like, you never know if u dont try! Maybe u'll find your own HG that can cure dry/chapped lips!

And ever since i watched #SongJiHyoBeautyView the other day and discovered the trick of mixing your foundation and serum for a more hydrating finish, ive been wanting to get a good serum. Currently i'm mixing my liquid foundation with Etude House Illuminator (for uneven skintone).

Randomly tried Fresh Rose Hydrating Serum. 😱😱😱😱

It's super HYDRATING!! It leaves my skin looking dewy.. aiya im no makeup pro, try it for yourself and you probably can understand what i mean lol πŸ˜‚ and this bottle costs like $88. Ouch πŸ˜…

So yup, i walked into Sephora wanting to buy a $36 item and got poisoned to buy an $88 item instead. Set trap for myself only lol.

Actually i like their lip treatment nude buff too! Would have gotten it if i didnt buy a new lippie from #comamakeup yesterday lol #dayrebeauty

I hereby declare… no more beauty shopping for the month of March πŸ’ͺ

Just realised in my excitement earlier i mis-spelt coma makeup as como makeup πŸ˜…

I shall resist sharing what i bought from #coma and wait for the parcel to arrive and do a review tgt! Heh

On my way home now after work! 😴😴😴 freaking shagged but so happy that i've got these shows to keep me occupied so that my trains ride are never boring hehe

Going to watch #Voice first! And maybe the other two shows when im home. Anybody here watching #InnocentDefendant like me? πŸ™‹ #Kdramas


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